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General Contractor FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for General Contractors working with Odin


What is Odin?

Odin’s platform allows everyone on the jobsite, from owners to CMs/GCs to subcontractors, to easily and effectively manage their workforce. By streamlining and digitizing worker onboarding, managing badging, and controlling site access if desired, Odin ensures compliance, improves safety, and provides visibility into what’s happening on the site.  It also allows individuals in the workforce to be connected in ways never before possible.

As a general contractor, you can:

What’s included with the Odin Base Platform?

Worker information sits at the center of Odin. Included with the base product is a consolidated worker directory that allows you to:

What is Service Generated Data, Additional Platform Modules and Physical Security?

The Base Platform facilitates state-of-the-art worker onboarding and creates a database of workers on a Project.  However, the true power of Odin is enabled with Service Generated Data, which is data gathered on site by a variety of means, and is combined with Odin’s powerful data analysis and reporting technology. This data can be accessed by activating Odin’s Additional Modules and Physical Security if utilized by the Project.  

Additional Platform Modules can enable site control, security, and provide information on ingress and egress by Individuals (and other location identification requirements as desired), incidents and accidents, and violations of Individuals, and other features related to the Individuals on site.  Regardless of the Project’s use of Odin, Subcontractors can activate Modules for their own use (eg. foreman using mobile phone to scan hard hat stickers for daily worker count).  If the Project requires the Worker Visibility Module, then the Worker Visibility Modules for all Subcontractors will be automatically activated, Subcontractors will be charged the respective fee, and all participants of the Project will have access to the appropriate Service Generated Data (ie. CM/GCs will see all data, and Subcontractors will only see their Individuals and those of Sub-tier Subcontractors).  

Ingress and egress data of Individuals can be captured by a variety of options to meet the requirements and budget for any project including Physical Security (turnstiles, tap card readers, helmet sticker scans, hand-readers) or just the Odin mobile app (no additional Physical Security needed).

Subscription & Billing

What is your billing frequency? 

We bill monthly after your initial first year of payment.

Do you accept credit card and/or ACH payments?

Yes, we accept both credit card or ACH payments.

Do you provide a discount for annual vs. monthly payments?

Currently, we do not provide a discount for annual payments.

What are your cancellation/renewal terms?

We require 60 days written notice.

Information Security & Risk Management

Where do you host your software and customer data?

Our software and customer data is hosted by Google Cloud utilizing Kubernetes Engine, Storage and Database services

Are you SOC compliant? ISO certified? If so, what is your current level?

Yes, we are SOC 2, Type 1 certified

How do I onboard my workers?

When you sign up for Odin, you will receive a custom URL which you can use to enter your workers’ information. Odin provides professional services for contractors who prefer to bulk upload their workers. Please reach out to for more details.

Are you HIPAA compliant?

Yes, Odin is HIPAA compliant.


How long does implementation usually take?

Implementation of the software takes little time, as we do most of the work behind-the-scenes to configure the new project. Once that is done, on-site training is provided based on the client’s availability. This entire process can be done as quickly as two weeks, or spread out over a longer period of time if that works best for the client.

If there is hardware on your site (eg. turnstiles and card readers) implementation could be anywhere from 4-10 weeks, depending on the availability of the hardware when ordered.

What is your training and onboarding process?

Our Customer Success team works hand-in-hand with the client to ensure a smooth onboarding process. We gather the pertinent information to configure the system and get to know the client’s needs for reporting, etc. We ensure that the system is configured to meet those needs. Training happens in a variety of forms depending on the client’s need (e.g., in-person, virtual, group, one-on-one). Our team makes sure that everyone using the product is prepared to do so.

Support Services

How do you manage customer requests, complaints, concerns and feedback?

Our Customer Success team fields all inquiries and issues from our clients. They work with our other teams (e.g., engineering, product, accounting) to resolve issues and answer questions. We have a dedicated Support phone line that also accepts texts, as well as a dedicated email address for these purposes.

If the Workforce Visibility module is active for your site, you will be able to see all of the jobsite access activity (e.g. clock ins and clock outs) for your workers and our sub-tier contractors’ workers. You can view this data in real-time or can pull unlimited reports for previous dates.

What resources will be dedicated to our account?

Each jobsite will have a dedicated customer success manager.

Do you use in-house or outsourced resources for customer support?

All of our customer support are full time employees of Odin and are located locally.

Where can I go for support around using Odin?

For all support requests, please reach out to You can typically expect to receive a response within one business day.