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We believe in putting innovation to work

Our mission is to make construction safer for everyone by unleashing the power of the data generated on the jobsite.

Dawn Williamson

Head of Product

"I’ve built a career bringing innovative product thinking to unexpected places"

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Our Leadership

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Douglas Carney

CEO & Co-founder

Doug has spent the last decade building companies and products that have been used by millions of end users.  His start-up experience began early when he co-founded Tag, a social media app that was later acquired by Mark Cuban. Next, he built Renew, a platform helping seniors compare and purchase medicare plans online across all 50 states. He’s also developed software allowing REITs to analyze their real estate investments using virtual reality.  He's excited to take his experience building large-scale applications in industries that have historically lagged technologically and apply it to construction.  Making construction safer and more compliant holds personal meaning for Doug. His grandfather was injured while operating a backhoe — an incident that left him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. The environment on the job site that day was inherently unsafe, and with proper management his grandfather’s injury could have been avoided.

Doug founded Odin in 2020 to bring innovative, tech-forward thinking to this historically complicated industry that’s in need of a fresh perspective on how best to use their data to create a safer environment for all workers.

Favorite Building?

Grand Central Station.  It was built over 100 years ago and the blend of history, art and design created so long ago makes for an amazing building.

Mike Verderese

CTO & Co-founder

Mike has been involved in multiple startups for the past ten years as a founder, software engineer, and CTO. In that time, he has formed a deep passion for solving complex, real-world problems with software.

Now Mike is applying that passion to helping keep people safe while working in one of the most dangerous jobs out there. Outside of work, Mike spends his time trying vegan restaurants with his wife, playing with his Goldendoodle pup, and exploring the mountains via hiking and skiing.

Favorite Building?

Even with all of the memories surrounding it, I will always love the World Trade Center Twin Towers. They would always pierce the skyline as my family drove into New York from New Jersey to visit our family. I'd gaze at them in awe of their size.

Dawn Williamson

Head of Product & Co-founder

Dawn specializes in creating innovative products in traditionally non-sexy industries. Whether it's health insurance (Oscar), publishing (The New York Times), or construction labor management (yay, Odin!), she's happiest when tackling complex and highly-regulated problems.

When not wearing her product manager hat, you can usually find Dawn hiking the mountains surrounding Santa Fe, eating copious amounts of New Mexican food, or being a servant to her blind, toothless super senior doggo.

Favorite Building?

Fallingwater. I've always loved Frank Lloyd Wright's approach of integrating humans, architecture, and nature together in a way that elevates all three. I think this is the most stunning example of this philosophy put into practice. If you get a chance to visit, I highly recommend it!

Calvin Black

Sales Development Representative

Calvin is leading the efforts of business development here at Odin. With over 4 years of SaaS experience in construction and fintech, he prefers the casual and personal approach when working with prospective clients to establish long lasting relationships.

In his down time, you may find him working out, going on walks with his beloved dog Tab-Tab, or playing a variety of sports including dodgeball and ping pong. However, during the fall, it's all about the Florida Gators football team.

Favorite Building?

The Roman Colosseum for the history and how it's withstood the test of time.

Stelian Calagi

Senior Software Engineer

Stelian is a passionate full-stack engineer who can swiftly switch between back-end and front-end to develop applications that cater to both user experience and functionality. His professional background relies on more than 20 years of progressive experience in software development, in different industries such as financial (Bridgewater), chemical (Dupont) and insurance (Chubb).

When he is not coding, he enjoys spending time with his family and playing his button accordion.

Favorite Building?

Casa Batlló from Barcelona, one of Gaudi's masterpieces, because of its one-of-a-kind architecture which I was lucky to admire during my honeymoon.

Cola Naiden Calintaru

Head of Architecture

Naiden is the Head of Architecture at Odin, with previous experiences at startups as well as large enterprises like American Express and PricewaterhouseCoopers. He is passionate and dedicated to solving real world problems by delivering quality software products.  

An avid consumer and follower of history and philosophy, Naiden can easily engage in hours-long exchanges on the subject — beware if time is of the essence.

Favorite Building?

The Parthenon, because of its lasting impact on humanity throughout history.

Deena Klein

Customer Success Manager

Deena loves to connect with people across diverse backgrounds and solve problems. Prior to Odin, she oversaw operations at Maverick Health, a COVID-testing startup, and formerly spent the majority of her career in nonprofits (Hillel International and Jewish Queer Youth), using her Masters in Social Work to fundraise and formulate strategies for donor stewardship.

Outside of work, Deena loves spending time with her family, is a gatherer of people, music lover, and basketball fanatic.

Favorite Building?

MSG - Among the dense topography of rectangular Midtown buildings, sits a distinct rotunda that's constantly pulling me in. I have countless memories cheering on my beloved Knicks with (often) senseless, yet unwavering hope for championship-caliber basketball, and I can still feel the euphoria of the many heart-thumping concerts I've attended at the "The World's Most Famous Arena".

Jake Kramer

Product Manager

Jake has always enjoyed delivering useful products in complex and underserved industries. Before Odin, that meant working on several consumer and B2C Medicare, pharmacy benefits, and health & wellness products at several early-stage companies. 

Outside of work, you can find Jake cooking, making pottery, building terrariums, and at CrossFit. Jake’s ultimate professional ambition is to build an app that lets you talk to dogs.

Favorite Building?

The Golden Gate Bridge, if we can count that as a building. It’s big, it’s orange, and I have fond memories of crossing it with my family on the way to big-city adventures. The bridge symbolizes American ingenuity and progress, but it’s also a good reminder of how far the industry has come with workplace safety.


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