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Bringing the best of tech to construction

From safety and security to labor and payroll, Odin is the integrated solution for workforce risk management.

Why Odin?

ODIN can empower your company no matter where it sits in the construction process

Save Money

Lower insurance premiums
Avoid unnecessary fines
Less worker hours spent on repetitive tasks

Save Time

Automate compliance & bookkeeping
Digitized worker & contractor records
Streamlined incident reporting

Improve Safety & Security

Ensure all workers are properly trained & certified
Pinpoint onsite issues in real time
Integrated badging & physical security

Who uses Odin?

Our vertically integrated labor management solution serves everyone involved in the construction process

Onsite Management Team

  • Onboard & manage workers on the jobsite
  • Monitor site activity; identify & understand work trends
  • Meet on-site compliance requirements
  • Site safety managers
  • Orientation managers
  • Medics
  • Security
  • Superintendents

Business/HQ Team

  • Manage contractor onboarding & payroll post-contracting
  • Generate labor management & payroll required reports
  • Identify, understand & troubleshoot trends/anomalies
  • Insurance
  • Payroll
  • Accounting
  • Project Managers


  • Expedite the orientation process, starting at home
  • Receive jobsite announcements and alerts
  • View and manage work history and certifications


  • Submit & manage payroll seamlessly
  • Automatically generate required payroll reporting
  • Pull custom reports about worker performance

We’ve modernized the entire experience

Across our unified web portal and native mobile apps, we’re working to make construction safer, easier, and more efficient for everyone.

Worker Onboarding

Odin’s onboarding system gets a worker onto the jobsite quickly, while making sure all safety and medical requirements are met.

In addition to onboarding new workers and seamlessly transfering worker information between jobsites, Odin also centralizes control of all worker documents, credentials, and badges.

Worker Mobile App

In addition to our powerful web portal, Odin also provides an app for workers to use on Android and iOS devices. From their phones, workers can keep their information up to date, receive important announcements, and track their hours.

By leveraging GPS and Bluetooth data, Odin also supports secure in-app time clocking for jobsites seeking additional security monitoring options.

Automated Compliance

Our customizable reporting platform makes maintaining compliance easy, and helps lower risk with more accurate data.

Generate standard reports, set up recurring email reports, and craft custom reports to keep your jobsite running smoothly.

Harness the power of data & automation

ODIN uses all of the data generated by the jobsite to ensure safety, identify trends, and automate compliance at enterprise scale.

3,500,000+ ft²

Managed across all Odin jobsites (the size of Atlanta)

Physical Security

Real-time view of turnstile swipe activity, status, and security issues

Daily reports of workers who were on the site, broken out by trade and/or contractor

Swipe compliance tracking to identify workers who consistently don’t swipe in or out as required

Compliance Reports

Local labor and safety reports

Daily man hour / manpower reports

Monthly man hour and salary reports by workman’s comp code for insurance reporting

Real-time monitoring of minimum wage rate requirements

Reports can be customized based on state, local, or internal requirements

Payroll Trends & Insights

We compare onsite swipe and bluetooth activity with payroll data to produce reports & alerts on anomalies.

Monitor expected vs. actual man hours by contractor and understand which company’s workers aren’t being swipe compliant

Identify imbalances in expected trade class ratios

Put us to work

Interested in using the power of data to improve safety on your jobsite? Tell us a little about your project and we’ll send you a personalized invite to try Odin for yourself.

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